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Dear Morrison Hill Family,

As a body, you have consistently chosen love and grace and unity in a hard season when many are choosing anger and division. I am grateful and proud to see us shifting our focus outward more and more. Thank you for that!

Today, I need to ask you to express your growing love and concern in a very specific way: please start wearing face coverings to church.

Since the lockdown began early this year, we have worked hard to create and keep improving our online experience. We have offered free masks and encouraged face coverings since we reopened. The staff and elders have tried to set an example by wearing them whenever we are near others for quite some time. We have not, however, turned anyone away, asked anyone to leave, or "taken sides" in any way on this issue. None of this will change.

We are simply asking you to express your love for our church family and for our community in this specific way for this specific season. We believe this will encourage some of our church family to start attending in person again--and also set our in-person visitors at ease during the county-wide mask mandate. We hope and pray that anyone who does not feel comfortable meeting in person--with or without masks--will continue to join us online and stay in touch with the rest of the family. Let us know how we can serve you!

Thank you. We love you!

-John Pryor, Senior Minister

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