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"Chase the Lion!"

Mark Batterson wrote a book called In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day. The book refers to the story of Benaiah (2 Samuel 23:20). Benaiah was one of David’s mighty men and one thing he did was kill a lion in a pit. Batterson says in the introduction: “What if the life you really want and the future God wants for you is hiding right now in your biggest problem, your worst failure, your greatest fear? Live your life in a way that is worth telling stories about. Chase the lion! It’s what you are destined to do!”

Our church is still in the beginning of a whole new chapter. We have been doing things we didn’t think of before and we will be doing a lot of things we still haven’t thought of yet. Some of these things haven’t gone very well and in the future there will be more things that go all wrong. In other words, we chased a lion and now seem to be in a pit.

But as long as we are daily, even hourly, going to God with what we think we need to do and learning what He wants us to do, we may not succeed at first, but God’s plans will always be completed. He has a way out of the pit for us, we just need to follow Him.

What we definitely need to do is spend more time than ever talking with God. Take all our thoughts, our ideas, our activities - our lions, and place them at the feet of Jesus. Then we need to listen very carefully to what He says. After that we need to follow His lead and get out of the pit.


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