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Dear Church Family,


Today we begin a new era that we believe will help all of us grow. More than ever before, we are challenging each person in our church family to join a Growth Group.


A Growth Group is a group of people who Fellowship with intention and focus. Growth Groups study the Bible together and hold each other accountable to live out what they are learning. They build each other up and encourage each other on a regular basis. They pray, share, give, and serve together.


Today we officially begin several new groups that are actually called Growth Groups, but this challenge is far bigger than that! All our Sunday School Classes, Support Groups, Bible studies, Youth Groups, Life Groups, etc. already do these things, but we are challenging them to get even more intentional and strategic about it.


As time goes on, we'll grow all these groups and create new ones. We'll succeed and fail and learn as we go. We believe our church will grow—that we'll reach new people and help more people fully commit to Christ. We believe we will also grow as individuals, as a blessing to our community, and as fully devoted, fully equipped followers of Jesus Christ. 


Love, John Pryor (and the rest of the team!)

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