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  • You will be welcomed at the door and find one of the friendliest groups of people around. We’ll offer you free hot drinks in our Atrium and answer any questions you may have with an honest smile. There is no dress code; you’ll find people here in suits and ties, shorts and sandals, and everywhere in between. Come as you feel comfortable in a large group of people.

  • The songs we sing each morning are chosen based on what we are studying that day as a group; each set is designed to help people encounter God, express their complete surrender to Him, and give Him joy. We focus on accomplishing these biblical purposes of worship rather than conforming to any particular style or trend. This is why, from week to week, you’ll experience a variety of singers, instruments, and musical styles as well as Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs from many generations.

  • We serve Communion every Sunday and do not require membership to participate. If you are a believer, we invite you to celebrate His death, burial, resurrection, and coming return with us.

  • We systematically build our messages around biblical truths using the best graphics, stories, and relevant applications we can find. We want to help you see life from a Biblical world view and give you practical tools and opportunities apply what you learn.

  • Because life change happens best in small groups, in addition to our 10:30a service, we will have small groups meeting all over campus. You can find the list of adult classes here, but there are options for people of all ages. 

  • If you bring a baby or young toddler, you are welcome to keep them with you, but we invite you to take advantage of our safe, welcoming nursery and toddler rooms. Our highly trained teams will do all they can to help your children associate church with safety, comfort, peace, joy, and love. We also provide a comfortable and private room for nursing mothers and their babies.


  • We often have events on Sunday evenings including worship nights, family trivia, and guest speakers, but we do not have regular programming at this time.

  • We do have evening programming for all ages every Wednesday evening during the school year beginning at 6:00p on campus. The experience differs depending on age group, so for more information, check out the Kids, Teens, and Adults pages for additional information!

  • We also host a bible study every Thursday evening beginning at 6:00p for Young Adults.

  • As for the rest of the days of the week, check out our Growth Groups page for all the information you'll need to join one and start growing closer to Jesus in a small group setting.

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