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Genesis 22:1-19

The first time the word “worship” shows up in the Bible, it describes the sacrifice Abraham was about about to make in his biggest test of faith.


Exodus 20:5 and 23:24-33

As God is demanding obedience and making some conditional promises and warnings to the Israelites, He warns them that worshiping false gods will ensnare them.


Deuteronomy 12

In very specific terms, God forbids the Israelites to worship Him the way they had worshiped  various idols.  He expects to be worshiped His way (see John 4:19-24 for Jesus’ take on worship).


Psalm 86

The Psalms often mix prayers for help with requests for enlightenment, praise for who God is and what He has done.  They also often contrast Him with idols (for more on that, see Isaiah 44:1-23).  This one is a good example of all of those elements.


Individual Ideas

  • Spend some time alone with God in a way that works well for you.  After a few moments of just being still, start listing all the ways He’s been patient with mankind, your church, your family, your friends, and YOU.  Spend some time thanking and praising Him for His patience and ask His Spirit to lead you as you worship for a little while longer.

  • Use whatever creative skills you have to worship God--anything but saying or singing words out loud!  You can paint, dance, write lists of things you love about Him, play an instrumental song for Him, just smile at the sky...

  • Focus for a while on God’s faithfulness.  You may end up praying, singing, listening, meditating, reading, creating something, or getting convicted and cutting the time short to go share something or serve someone!  The key is to be fully aware of God’s faithfulness, and thank and praise and honor Him for being so faithful.

  • Take some time to consciously re-submit yourself to God.  Pray and journal about the ways you do and don’t submit to Him--and to others you should be submitting to Him.  Just be really, really honest before Him, either way.  Praise Him for His gentleness with you.  Ask Him for His help in truly submitting to Him and to specific others (e.g., your parents) in tangible, daily, ongoing ways.

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