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God takes people from where they are to where He wants them to be…

A missionary wrote: “Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a family conference that a friend of mine invited me to attend. She asked me to talk to her aunt, who had lost her husband just a short while back. As soon as I had the chance, I sat and talked with her. I learned that she was a member of the communist party, and that her husband had been very active in the party. She was feeling very sad at the loss of her husband, and I encouraged her and comforted her. However, I still felt high resistance because I was one of those “born again people” (a term used negatively by opposing people) as she described me.

Then the Lord poured out a special favor on me, and I told her that she was loved and very precious to the heart of the Lord. She began to cry. I told her also that I loved her, and this touched her…”

We listen to the people... We listen to God... He talks through us to them.

I should never consider myself better than others I should never consider that I am the one to tell them about God’s love - He tells them through me… Through how I live my life... Through how I listen - with all of my attention... Through how I listen to God - Prayer.

Because this missionary was listening to a hurting lady and following God’s leading, her friend’s aunt was saved.

How busy are you today?

Can you stop, listen to someone around you and follow God’s leading as you talk with them?

You, too, can be a part of God's taking people from where they are to where He wants them to be...

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